Should I go to a chiropractor?

It is said that every pain can be cured, it is only a matter of time and ways. Headaches and joint pains and spinal columns seem to be the most common problems from which people are suffering. Everyone finds the best way to eliminate their pain: exercises, medication, physical therapy, or perhaps – chiropractic. In the world of medicine, chiropractic which treats musculoskeletal injuries, often floats in the gray area between standard health care – such as you would get in a hospital or from a doctor – and acupuncture, massage, and other “alternative” practitioners. But, it is for decades one of the most popular choices of treatment for numerous people.

Problems for which chiropractic is the most effective

Chiropractic is, in comparison with other methods, proven to be the most effective in the treatment of the hernial lumbar and cervical spinal cord disorder.

post2aIf there is a disc herniation, protrusions or prolapse, these changes lead to pressure on the root of the nerve, leading to the neuroendocrine pathophysiological response, that is, to the secretion of tissue hormones that affect the surrounding tissues, giving certain symptoms, and primarily the pain symptom, and that can be very intense. A discus hernia usually occurs dorsolateral, to the intervertebral opening, or rarely dorsomedial to the spinal canal.

Each herniation leads to micro subluxation (displacement) of apophyseal joints of the corresponding segment. Close contact of apophyseal joints with nerve root in the intervertebral aperture region also explains the formation of irritation or compression (pressure) on the root. Manual mobilization of the spinal column is used here as the primary method in the acute stage of the disease. In addition to manual mobilization of the soft tissue of the lumbar region, unblocking of apophyseal joints, unblocking of sacroiliac joints, repositioning of the shifted spleen, therapy is also necessary.


In addition to disk hernias, for displacement of intervertebral joints, which can be the cause of acute pain in some part of the spine much more often than a discus hernia, chiropractic is the absolute choice therapy. The knowledge, expertise, and skills of chiropractors are even more effective in these cases than the use of drugs. Chiropractic is also the choice of therapy in a millimetric displacement of the first cervical spine, which, in addition to microtrauma and trauma, can also disturb the surrounding muscles due to poor posture or stress, stress, hard physical work or exercise.